Meeshapulimala trekking

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Meesapulimala Peak trek is a trek through lush green valleys, hundreds of blooming Rhododendrons, charming tea estates, gurgling brooks – peace is easy to find in the idyllic surroundings of Meesapulimala. Located at a significant altitude of 8,661 feet in the Idukki district of Kerala, Meesapulimala is a trek through eight hills, passing through the shared border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

This 8 km trek from Rhodovalley takes you through high altitude grasslands, rainforests and wildlife. The Meesapulima Peak is called so because it apparently resembles a tiger’s face, although you’re not likely to spot any tiger here. “Meesa,” means moustache, “puli,” means tiger and “mala,” means hill. Hence, it is from this that the peak gets its name from and this is why it is called so.

This is just a day’s trek and hence trekkers of any age can go for this trek. There are plenty scenic spot in this trek that trekkers can enjoy and capture. It is a easy to moderate trek and therefore can be completed without any hindrances.(Author: Usha Hariprasad)



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Things to bring

  • Backpacking Bag
  • Suns cream
  • Cap
  • Water Bottles
  • Sun Glass
  • Trekking Shoes