Snowy Manali

Experience the Snowy Manali

Once upon a time, Manali was a backpacking capital of India. A dirt track from Manali to Kullu was part of the popular hippie trail. Today it is tough to imagine Manali as a backpacker’s paradise. It has easily become one of the most popular hill stations in India with tourists thronging to Manali in the height of summer as well as winter.

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Manali suits the needs of every kind of travel mindset. A family looking for some bonding time, a couple for some peace and quiet, solo travellers for some solitude or a group of friends seeking an adventure.

There are a whole lot things to do in and around Manali

Visit the Rohtang Pass

Rohtang pass - Leh to Manali Journey, India

If you are returning from a Ladakh, you would have already crossed this king of the Himalayan passes on the journey from Leh to Manali. If not, then reserve a day of your trip to Manali for the Rohtang Pass. Be bowled over by the lush green winding roads that slowly lead to snow. At parts of the Rohtang Pass, the snow never melts. Which means what you see and hold in your hands, could very well be ancient snow. Be a child once again, and let loose as you play in the snow.

Listen to the Beas sing

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

The river Beas flows through Manali and chances it will dominate the landscape during your stay in Manali. You can enjoy your morning tea perched prettily on the lawns over this river as the gushing river makes music with birdsong.
Enjoy this blissful time with your family, your partner and just by yourself.
Open a book and be lost in it as the mountains lose themselves in the clouds.
Or pack your bags and head down to the river for some rafting action.

Pluck your own fruits or understand the fruit market

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Peaches, plums, cherries and litchis all eventually give way to apples – in every colour you’ve imagined apples to be. Which means there’s always a fruit waiting for you to be enjoyed in Manali.
You can arrange for a visit to the fruit orchard or explore the fruit markets which, in the summer months are busy transporting fruits all across the country.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Apple market - Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Cleanse yourself in the Himalayan spas

On the outskirts of Manali are the hot water springs of Vashisht where you can detoxify yourself naturally amidst the pristine forests.

Hot springs at Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India

Or, if you want to make a day trip of it, go all the way to Manikaran, a place of religious importance for the Hindus and the Sikhs. You can rejuvenate yourself here in the piping hot medicated waters.

In fact, make a day trip to the Parvati valley

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

These short touch-and-go trips are not something that we usually recommend. Parvati valley deserves a long trip all for itself. But say, you are returning from a long exhausting trip to Ladakh or Spiti or are just pumped up enough to explore a bit beyond Manali, we say, why not! Go for it.

Start early in the morning from Manali. Make your way through Kullu, Bhuntar and cross over to the Parvati valley.
The landscape here is easily capable of making a 3-hour drive into an 8-hour photo-ops filled journey. The road climbs up steadily as you go further into the Parvati valley. Stone houses with flat slate roofs start making an appearance.
There are a few tourist hubs here, like Kasol and Malana which also lead to many multi-day Himalayan treks like the Chanderkhani.

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

You can go further ahead to Manikaran or the end of the road at Pulga. Just remember that you have to drive back and driving in the dark might not be advisable. Don’t make safety secondary while you are busy having all the fun.

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Besides these, make sure you walk up to the Hidimba temple on one of the evenings during your stay in Manali. It’s a simple walk through some beautiful forests.
You can spend some time in the Solang valley to get that adrenaline going and visit the Naggar palace to satiate the history buff in you.
There are a whole lot of Manali packages that can help you plan your trip perfectly.

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Beyond all of this, don’t forget to be an explorer in Manali. Look beyond the obvious. You will find numerous trails all around Manali and if any looks inviting, just ask any local about it. Find where it leads to, how easy or difficult it is. And armed with this information, just follow your heart.


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